What is Brazilian jiu jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling based martial art that uses leverage and technique to control and then submit a resisting opponent via chokes and joint locks. BJJ is founded on the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent.

why train jiu jitsu?

  • Self Defense.

  • Compete in Sport Jiu Jitsu Competitions

  • Physical Fitness (weight loss, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility)

  • Personal Development (patience, empathy, self control, problem solving under stressful situations, ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations)

  • Community. At Mata Leao BJJ we are not just training partners, we are friends who become family and we support each other on and off the mats


Come try a week of FREE classes!

What do I need to do to try a free week?

Check out our class schedule and just show up to any class you would like to try. We will have you sign a waiver and give you a brief introduction before class. If you are under 18 you must have an adult to sign your waiver.

What should i wear?

Wear athletic clothes that are comfortable to move in. We recommend long pants rather than shorts and tighter fitting clothing is usually better. Remember you are in close proximity to other people when training jiu jitsu.

Once you have decided to join we can help you purchase a gi. You may wear any color gi you like and any patches that you like at Mata Leao BJJ. If you plan to compete we suggest purchasing a blue, black or white gi to compete in.

Make sure you empty your pockets and remove any jewelry or anything sharp that could injure your training partners. If you have longer hair it is best to tie it up.

what do i bring?

We suggest you bring a bottle of water, an open mind, a willingness to try something new and a good attitude!

how much does it cost for a drop in class if i am visiting from out of town?

Your first week is completely FREE no matter what affiliation you are with, after your free week it is $10 per drop in class.

how old should my child be to start jiu jitsu?

We are willing to start your child at any age but we find once they are between 3-4 years old that are able to focus the best. The younger kids class focuses on movement, being kind to our friends and following directions. We keep the younger kids classes shorter to help ensure their success on the mats and longevity in jiu jitsu.

how much are your classes?

Little kids are $60 per month for unlimited classes

Big kids are $100 per month for unlimited classes

Adults are $100 per month for unlimited classes

Family Rate $250 per family up to 5 people, $50 per additional family member

Punch cards Available $100 for ten classes (All Ages)

Drop In Rate $10 per class (All Ages)

Do you offer private instruction?

Yes! Private classes and semi private classes are available at an additional charge. See coach Tyler or Morgan for details.