About the coaches:

Tyler and Morgan Massey are originally from Granbury, Texas. Their Jiu Jitsu journey began on June 1st, 2014 in a small Tae Kwon Do school. They were part of the very first Jiu Jitsu class at the Tae Kwon Do Academy and trained with Professor Ben Cook who is a black belt under Professor Christopher Story. They trained in Texas for two years and received their Blue Belts. In 2016 they moved to Taos, New Mexico where they continued to train under Professor Gustavo Monterio, a black belt under Professor Roberto Godoi.  In 2018, while members of the G13BJJ team, Morgan and Tyler were promoted to purple belts by Professor Gustavo.  Tyler was the 2018 National AGF Champion in both GI and NO-GI and in 2019 Morgan got to make her Fight2Win Pro debut where she won via arm bar. Tyler and Morgan are currently training under Professor Jesse Jacquez, a black belt under Professor Alberto Crane, who owns and operates Jesse Jacquez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu located in Santa Fe, NM. Mata Leao is excited to represent the BJJ Globetrotters team at IBJJF worlds this year! Tyler and Morgan have ran a successful Children’s Jiu Jitsu program for the last 9 months in Taos and also ran a Jiu Jitsu program for 9 months for underprivileged kids in Texas for the “Ruth’s Place” organization.

About Our School:

We are NOT:

We are not Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts with years and years of experience straight out of Rio. We are not a part of a huge exclusive affiliation.

What we ARE:

Always honest about our level of experience and training. We will never lie about our rank or the amount of time we have spent training to gain your business. We believe that HONESTY is ALWAYS the best policy and the key to build long lasting and healthy relationships.

Open minded to learning from people of all affiliations and ability levels. If you have something to share or want to teach a technique, lead warm ups or even teach an entire class, we would love the opportunity to learn with YOU!

We have relationships with several high level New Mexico, California and Texas Black Belts and will have them in as often as we can possibly afford to do so. We are life long students of Jiu Jitsu and will always be seeking knowledge from any source we can get and want to share it with our students.


Family friendly and all-inclusive #jiujitsuforeveryone